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Professional Facial



Microdermabrasion is a suction device with diamond tips head tip to buff away dead skin. This non-invasive skincare treatment targets rough skin, acne and wrinkles by removing the upper, dead layer of the skin and stimulating new skin cells to grow. Microdermabrasion gives you smoother, softer, younger longer skin instantly. If needed a light enzyme or scrub will be applied before or after microdermabrasion to ensure all dead skin is removed. 

Facial (Face and Neck Only)

(add Décolletage and Eye and Lip Treatment $15



This Facial may not be for you if:

  • Diabetes

  • You Have Moderate to Severe Inflammatory Acne.

  • You Have Rosacea.

  • Acute sunburn (you can still see us for a soothing cool compress treatment to help ease your discomfort, but no heat or friction can be applied)

  • Severe cystic acne with open pustules

  • Open cuts or abrasions

  • Bruises and swelling (Get your physician’s approval for a treatment; post-surgical or post-trauma bruising and swelling can often be mitigated by gentle manual lymphatic drainage massage)

  • Active herpes lesions

  • Conjuctivitis (“pink eye”)

  • Severe eczema

  • Severe psoraisis

  • Impetigo

  • Fungal infection

  • Extreme allergic sensitivities (you probably wouldn’t be tempted anyhow!)

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