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Shipping and Returns

Shipping Policy

Shipping is Flat Rate $7

Glam and Glow BBS makes every attempt to ship within 24 business hours of receiving an order. However, Glam and Glow BBS reserves the right to ship within 24 – 72 business hours of receiving an order. Once shipped, packages could take up to 10 business days to arrive. If a package has not been received within 10 business days, Glam and Glow BBS will re-ship the product and request the original order be returned (at Glam and Glow BBS expense) once it is received. 

It is Glam and Glow BBS’s discretion whether to ship UPS or US Priority Mail. If the customer has a specific request for either UPS or US Priority Mail, Glam and Glow BBS will try to accommodate that request. There are circumstances where this request could be unreasonable; for example, a large shipment via US Priority Mail could be unreasonable to ship and would require Glam and Glow BBS to ship UPS for cost reasons.

Shipping Corrections

If an incorrect or incomplete address is provided to Glam and Glow BBS, the customer will be responsible for additional shipping fees for:

  1. Re-directing the package through UPS.

  2. Pay the additional shipping if the package is returned to Glam and Glow BBS and needs to be re-shipped.

Return Policy

Glam and Glow BBS’s wide variety of skin care products is suited for each skin type and condition. If you are not satisfied with a product purchased from Glam and Glow BBS, it is returnable for credit or for another product.


Please keep the following in mind when returning product:

  • Glam and Glow BBS must be advised of dissatisfaction of a product within 15 days of original purchase.

  • The actual product must be returned to Glam and Glow BBS’s office within 1 months of the dissatisfaction for credit or exchange of another product.

  • Returned products must be at least 70% full.

  • The client will be responsible for postage or delivery charges of the returned product.

  • Glam and Glow BBS will deliver the new, exchanged product free of delivery charges.


To return an item, please call for assistance Glam and Glow BBS, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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