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Waxing Services

Facial Waxing

$30 Stomach Wax

$55-$65 Chest Wax

$65-45 Back Wax

$15 Under Arm 

$25 Bikini Wax The classic shape is the 'Bikini' and involves a simple tidy up of hair at the front and a bit down below, so that it doesn't extend beyond your Pantie line – just enough to get you bikini-ready (this is the ideal wax for first-timers). 

$45 Semi Brazilian Wax is perfect if you dont want to be completely hairless. Hair is removed from the bikini line, labia and butt strip. The top mound area is left with hair 

$60 Brazilian- The Brazilian wax goes from the front(Pubic Mound Area), Labia(Lips) and Butt strip. This is perfect for a completely nude

$15 "Back" Strip  Technician will only be waxing the area between the Butt Cheeks

$5 Nose Wax

$10 Ear Wax

$12 Eyebrow Wax Shape

$15 Lip/Chin Wax

$25 EyeBrow Tint and Wax-We will measure your brows to fit your face shape and wax and fill in with Brow Pencil and concealer.

$45 Full Face Waxing -Full Face Wax includes Chin/Lip/SideBurns/Shaping around Eyebrows 

Body Waxing

*Disclaimer: Prices and services may vary by location and are subject to change without notice. Prices are exclusive of sales tax, where applicable.

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